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ties endorsed local government support for building news hubs for science and hi-tech development. Certain districts were zoned in order to provide preferential

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tax treatment for science and hi-tech firms. Shenzhen had become very popular for Chinese science and hi-tech startups, while some of those firms had later enjoyed boom times and are

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now world leading corporations, such as telecommunications equipment giant and mobile devices maker Huawei Corp., Tencent, owner and operator of the popular Social Media app, Baidu Inc, Chinese search engine giant and AI (artificial intelligence) giant, DJI Technologies, drone maker along with so many other successful fi

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rms. Shenzhen stands tall as Chinas Silicon Valley and its my personal opinion that the emergence of 5G will boost the nations prospects as a global leader in automated manufacturing, smart technologies, digital platforms, e-commerce, and robotics. China keeps changing an

d thats great for the nations hi-tech firms. The transformation is happening in all sectors of the economy. In the year 2017, the shipping port of Xiamen has integrated smart technologies and automation on a grand and permanent scale. You can learn more about hi-tech upgrades of

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the Xiamen shipping port and Customs by re

ading an article posted byCCTV.com. The link is here: http://english.cctv.com/2017/08/23/ARTIme5ind3Ar

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